Bon Voyage

See the sights, learn the basics, buy a Pico, and land us back at port.

Learn to trade

Bo shows you what works, and what doesn’t in Star Citizen’s economy.

Mine like a pro

Breaking rocks for fun and profit, rather than death and despair!

Kill ’em dead

Sick of being bullied? Learn tips and tricks to protect ya’ neck!

Your Guide to the ‘Verse

Let Bo know what you’re looking for, and he’ll take you there!

Learn to Trade and Prosper!

The economics of the ‘Verse may present a challenge, but Bo knows how to take a Citizen from rags to riches! Your dollars make sense!

What’s ‘Mine’ is Yours

Learn to mine for fun, and profit! Bo offers guided tutorials, as well as a self-learn guide to mining! Dig in!

Featured Work

2950 #SCShipShowdown.

The Aegis Sabre Comet: It’s sleek, dangerous, refined, and a LOT of fun to fly!

It’s fancy. Like a dinner party.

It’s rowdy. Like a bull in a tuxedo at a dinner party.

Go here to vote for the Blue Steel in the Ship Showdown!

Wallpaper Engine: Star Citizen 4k – Night Ops

A 4k widescreen loop of night combat operations on Hurston made for Wallpaper Engine.

Get it from the Steam Workshop now!

Wallpaper Engine: Star Citizen 4k – Lorville from Everus Harbor

A calming, and epic 4k widescreen scene from Star Citizen of Lorville from Everus Harbor.

Get it from the Steam Workshop now!

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